Help Desk / ITSM

PractiProject Helpdesk/ITSM implementation is a game changer in turning Support/IT teams from daily fire-fighting to delivering awesome customer service. We can help your organization providing great visibility and central control in dealing with customers issues to ensure great customer satisfaction. For 10 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to millions of IT folks, end users, and stakeholders alike.


Provide Superior Customer Support

a help desk software lets you capture, assign, and respond to support tickets from one centralized place. Simultaneously hold private internal conversations and separate customer-facing discussions on the same ticket.

How does PractiPropject effectively implement ITSM processes and workflows

We use a new approach to implementing ITSM.

Audit your current ITSM operations and identify the gaps


Educate, communicate and involve stakeholders while implementing ITSM processes


Outline the Critical Success Factors and keep tans on KPIs and metrics


Use relevant tools to automate processes


develop a feedback loop from end users and other stakeholders


How you can make the most of your ITSM Tool:

Processes and value streams

Spending time early on mapping the project and documenting the ITSM processes and value streams will save time and energy later on.

Information and technology

IT does not stand still, your organization does not stand still, and neither should your ITSM tool. Ensure you plan and budget for future investment and development, and take the time to develop a continual service improvement roadmap.

Organization and people

Focusing on effective communication, investing in training, and gathering and incorporating feedback and input from key stakeholders will help you address the challenges associated with cultural change.

A well implemented Help-Desk / IT service management tool can delivery significant benefits to any IT organization. It can automate business processes, provide management information for data driven decision-making, improve the customer experience, and reduce the burden on your support teams. Therefore it is worth the investment in time and effort into getting it right.

Built to supercharge your IT help desk

Best practice ITSM workflow

Powerful integrations with IT management apps

Smart automation

Extensive reporting capabilities

Codeless customizations

Deploy on cloud or on-premises

Complete Customer Centric Help Desk Solution

Customer Hub

customer landing page with its specific relevant information and statistics.

Self Service Portal

Customer portal for opening and tracking his help desk tickets


A central location for customers articles regarding specs, how-to articles and other documentation.

Ticket Management System

SLA prioritized queue-based system to manage customers tickets, with statistical reports and support agents load balancing capabilities.

Multi-Tiers Level Support

Implement multi-tier level support methodology (customer self-service, Agent’s support, technical level support etc.), assign tickets from tier to tier – optimizing your support response and reduce technical people bottleneck syndrome.

Find a solution that scales

The goal of internal service management has always been to provide customers with the help they need to successfully and easily operate your product or service.

Redefining customers service experiences require meeting customers where they use to communicate through integrations with enterprise tools such as Slack, email and on mobile devices to help customers submit requests and access your company knowledgebase. When implementing a service desk solution, it is crucial to find one that can scale across departments to allow customers to get their helpdesk ticket addressed more effectively, in the way they want to work, no matter the service request.

Today’s customers  are not only looking for a more tailored experience, but a smarter one. The IT service desk team already supports customers and employees with problem resolutions for IT and digital operations, which makes it a great center for intelligence gathering or rolling out new digitized services and developing new approaches to using technology to drive greater operational efficiencies. 


of customers use self-service knowledge to find answers to their questions
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of people cite “dealing with unfriendly or impolite” technicians as their top service desk frustration
0 %
Said they would stop doing business with an organisation after a poor customer experience
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Of those, would go on yo buy from a competing company
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