Jira Software Cloud Premium

Jira premium


Premium gives teams the confidence to scale reliably with advanced features, plus a 99.9% uptime SLA, unlimited storage, and Premium Support. The Premium roadmap is focused on providing a stronger foundation on which to grow, helping you better administer Jira Software at scale with an advanced toolkit, and improving visibility across all the work happening in your instance.  There are many features included, we will review here few interesting new features:

Advanced Road Map

Now you get the functionality of Portfolio for Jira as part of the Premium offering. Advanced Roadmaps is designed to help you build roadmaps across multiple teams and projects. Track dependencies across teams, plan with team capacity in mind, and communicate status across your organization.


IP whitelisting. If you have IP addresses that you want to make sure only folks within this range of IPs can access. Now, enterprise and regulated organizations can require all end-users to access Atlassian products from sanctioned company networks. With IP allowlisting, admins get much needed relief with the confidence that product access is restricted to specific networks, even for external accounts.


Atlassian incorporated a tool called Automation for Jira. Atlassian incorporated that tool, and it is now included as part of the premium package. You can automate workflow triggers, you can automate notifications, you can automate transitions from one state to another. You can automate a ton of rules across different products, actually. You can automate some rules from Jira over to Bitbucket, or from Confluence to Jira, and vice versa. You can automate a bunch of different stuff, and that’s built-in as part of it. It’s no longer an add-on that you need to buy it. In Premium version you can use automation on Global and cross-project automation.


Ensure changes to your instance work the way you expect before putting them into production for your team. Customize and test configurations, try third-party apps and integrations, explore new features, and implement changes with confidence.

Cloud migration / Instances merging

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