Bad advice people give about using Jira 😬

Here are some the worst (common) advice people posted about using Jira…

Bad advice 1: Choose to receive notifications for any Jira issue you’re remotely involved in.

Bad advice 2: Have admin access granted to multiple teams. 😬😬😬

Bad advice 3: Let’s bundle those tickets with a new label, the other 9500 labels are already in use.

Bad Advice 4: Not using “Resolution”, which is a highly misunderstood field, because they would rather have a Status for everything (10 final states).

Bad Advice 5: Create a new custom field with same name as existing field because you want to use it differently (help text, etc.).

Bad Advice 6: Why do you need to test an upgrade in a sandbox?  Just upgrade Production, it’s faster.

Bad Advice 7: Build one, very complex workflow for all issue types and all projects. Yes, it will be user friendly. Ah, do not forget to turn off the possibility to view it. Any changes needed? Don’t worry about the impact and don’t communicate it up front.

Bad Advice 8: Do not train users! Only system administrators are able to manage projects, create filters and dashboards cause JQL is a rocket science.

Bad Advice 9: Let non jira administrators people the final word about how to make customization And another one related: customize what you are told to do instead of understand the point, and then decide how to do it

Bad Advice 10: We need to add Resolution in the middle of a workflow.

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