Atlassian Roadmap

Atlassian is moving in several main paths and creates a specific development and roadmap plans.

The main areas that Atlassian focus at are:

  • Next Gen – the next Generation project within Jira.
  • Core experiences – All the other Jira functionality such as  administration, navigation, Jira issues, etc.
  • Integrations – out-of-the-box integrations with DevOps tools, productivity tools, and more.
  • Cloud Platform – the Atlassian cloud solution functionality.

Here are some of the main highlights that were introduced by Atlassian for each area:

Next Gen

  • Embed live roadmaps in Confluence – The Jira Roadmap Macro lets you embed a live Jira Software roadmap right into Confluence.
  • Map dependencies on Jira Software’s roadmap – Stay ahead of blockers and dependencies on your team by mapping out relationships between Epics on the Jira Software roadmap.
  • Reimagining the sprint burndown – Atlassian merged the sprint burndown chart and control chart into a single report in next-gen.

Core experiences

  • Find what you need more seamlessly with new navigation enhancements – Atlassian constantly fine-tuning Jira’s navigation to make it faster and easier to find what you need.
  • Create unique security levels in Jira’s new issue view – Make sure only the stakeholders you choose are able to view specific work items by creating granular security permissions for Jira issues.


  • Build custom reports with Jira data in Excel -The Jira Cloud integration for Excel will give any Jira user the power to push data from Jira into a spreadsheet.
  • Powerful views into your delivery pipeline with JQL – You can now create powerful views into your delivery pipeline with JQL queries across multiple connected tools. For example, you can write a custom JQL query to report all Jira issues that have been deployed to production but still have an open PR.

Cloud Platform

  • Addition of encryption-at-rest for all customers and new end-user profile privacy controls.
  • Atlassian Access, which includes enterprise-grade security.
  • Centralised administration across all Atlassian products.