The Spotify Squads


Let’s talk about things your company can learn from Spotify Squads.
We at PractiProject, have implemented several large-scale implementations of the Spotify Agile model and saw the full effect of the implementations in reality.
Much of Spotify’s success is due to their commitment to creating a great company culture through the use of flexible agile working methods. You can learn a lot from the overall philosophy of their Spotify model and the way its employees work with it.

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years: Spotify is a popular music streaming service that continues to dominate the likes of Apple, Google, and Amazon in the music streaming industry.
However, what makes Spotify such an interesting company, is HOW they managed to reach the top.
With a core focus on agile teams known as “Spotify Squads.” We felt it’s time to take a closer look at Spotify Squads.

Spotify understands that focused teams work better and are far more likely to achieve whatever goals they are set out to accomplish. Every Spotify Squad is tasked with a specific mission and has the autonomy to complete it however they want (within the framework).

Because the Squad is self-managing, there is no designated squad leader. Instead, each squad is assigned a Product Owner. The Product Owner is responsible for prioritizing the work on the team’s product backlog, but does not directly interfere with how the team works. The Product Owners of different Squads work together to develop a road map that, in turn, exhibits the strategic direction of the product.

Besides having a Product Owner, a Squad also has access to an agile coach that helps the team to identify and remove impediments, and facilitates continuous improvement to the team’s way of working. The agile coach also organizes various ceremonies, such as the sprint retrospective and sprint planning meetings.

Our transformation process will guide your leadership and teams to unleash your organization’s true potential. By amplifying the Spotify Model values such as commitment, courage, autonomy and open engagement within your company, we will help you to establish new cultural norms which inspire your teams and drive successimprove innovations and shorten your products Time to Market.