Best Practices: Tips for a Successful IT Helpdesk Portal


Keep it simple and intuitive. “Simple” and “easy” are terms that are commonly associated with customer portals.
Respond quickly. Consumers are accustomed to on-demand service, and they carry those expectations with them into the business environment.
Define an escalation path. You should have a clear user journey, starting with FAQs and self-service, then progress to email or chat, and finally to voice. It’s important to encourage customers to initially help themselves, but have human contact as a last resort.


Knowledge Management

Add Confluence to Jira Service Desk to get an integrated knowledge base that intelligently recommends the right service and learns from every interaction, so answers are easy to find.


Design your Jira Service Desk Customer Portal

When creating your helpdesk portal, keep the customer in mind. Customers will more readily adopt a portal that is easy to use and provides a familiar user experience.
A good system sends a message that says it is here to help. You want end-users to feel confident that using the portal is the fastest method to resolve issues.

Shape your processes to match the way you work

With Service Desk you can set up your ITIL process, and make sure your customer support process align with the Service Level Agreement you wish to provide.
You can set public workflow states and internal workflow states, covering different aspects of the process. You can even set an R&D defect linked with the customer issue, and monitor the defect fix flow, until the customer get notification about the successful completion of his reported issue.