Confluence with Native עברית and RTL


Confluence is a great wiki and document managment tool, but its initial lacking of RTL and native Hebrew support makes your Hebrew based pages useless and hard to create. problems such as wrong presentation of Hebrew and English letter mix, No good possibility to view documents in Right To Left, or the basic option to see the GUI in Hebrew.
Many Confluence customers asked us to give a native hebrew solution to these problems, so they can better utilise their Confluence solution.
With the Native Hebrew RTL Plugin you can change your language to hebrew, write Hebrew + English texts from Right To Left with no hastle.
Hebrew is supported on Server based releases.

Key Features: 

1. Right any text ( Hebrew / English) from Right To Left
2. Support Hebrew and English letters mix
3. Chose your user interface language in your profile (Hebrew GUI is supported)
This is the only true solution for Confluence in Native Hebrew. The Plugin is not in the Marketplace, and can be obtained from the following resellers: