Let us make your jira GREAT


  • Do you feel your Jira is not optimised to your organization needs?
  • Do you feel that the team is working for Jira and the the other way around?
  • Do you feel that your management don’t get online KPIs and roadmap information from Jira?

You are not alone, many organization do not have the knowledge or time investment needed to make their Jira great.

Our team can go through your ALM and development cycles and can guide you through best practices usage and industry knowhow. We work with you to set up, manage, and creatively apply all the best adjustments for your Jira and set up the right reporting needs.

We can later Jira Admin your system on a weekly basis, freeing you from the administration and adjustments work.
ion the many organizations that uses our services and Jira Admin ongoing support.

We got the knowledge and best practices to give you the best experience you can get with Jira.  

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