Jira Quick View: Advanced Grouping Abilities, Simple Interface

Quick View Demo

We’ve just evaluated the last version of Quick View App for Jira, with its new features. You can now, set customized groups, edit fields on screen, see progress bar, drag and drop, sum up per group. It seems that this is the long waited “missing link” in the Jira GUI, that haven’t been change for so long. Now we can really benefit from the strength of the Jira engine with a great look and feel by the Quick View APP.

Radically Simple

The New APP sleek and informative user interface allows you to quickly review your issues and their status in groups, see their progress bar, color fields based on their values, dates icons, and even update fields on the screen, all with a single click from your screen. No need to open a separate window – the APP makes it simple for users to experience better GUI in Jira.

These type of GUI options were found only on other products like Monday, Asana, and other products. Now these cool features and initiative GUI is open for all Jira users with this APP.

Endless potential

The APP support different use cases, from managing marketing teams, worm teams and even customer management capabilities. Just set your groups according to your needs (e.g. This-Next Week, campaigns, customers, Epics, etc.) and drag your tasks and manage your groups.

Some use cases our customer used this APP for

  • Team work management- see what is planned for this week, next week, later, and the overall tasks backlog.
  • Marketing Campaigns – set all tasks under relevant campaigns, edit information online and move tasks between campaigns
  • Project Management – set high level tasks for each project, see its progress and milestone achievement in a colorful way.
  • Customers Management – set work items related to customers, sum-up work effort and see progress. edit information quickly on the screen
  • HR onboarding – set list of tasks per each new employee, see its tasks milestone achievement, add new tasks for future review of the employee.

This is exactly what was missing in Jira for creating a great usability focused GUI.

Check it out:  Marketplace link