PractiProject was selected as a leading ALM implementation company


PractiProject was selected by STKI a leading business technologies market research and strategic analyst firm, in its Israeli IT market study 2021. STKI analysts measured the pulse of the Israeli IT market on 2021 (after the first waves of the Covid 19) and published their conclusions.

STKI analyst data collection method is described: “Our study looks at any vendor value sold to enterprises) also government & Security) is Israel; considering the client’s view / mindshare of value delivered.

STKI Analysts selected PractiProject as one of the leading ALM implementation company.

“We are proud to be among the leading ALM implementation companies and to see that our ALM expertise are being noticed by our devoted customers as reflected in the STKI research. Our unique approach for customizing the tools to serve the customer needs while consulting our customer about best practices that increase their business value deliveries through refine work process and KPIs”.


STKI have analyzed the ALM & Development & Testing Tools implementation market in Israel and calculated a growth of 16% in the market spending on these tools on 2021 while their analyst predicts an ongoing growth of 31% in 2022 (compared to 2021) with total market spending of 68M USD per year.

PractiProject CEO, Mr. Hilli Balzer commented on those forecast figures: “We at PractiProject, see the continues growth on the ALM tools and implementation as a side effect of the Work From Home initiatives driven by many companies, which create a greater need to control the work dispatching and tracking using state-of-the-art ALM tools such as Jira. We see such growth both on enterprise level companies and for smaller companies.”