Recap of Atlassian Team23 Summit 2023: New Features, Upgrades, and James Cameron!


Atlassian’s Team23 Summit just concluded in Las Vegas, and the event was filled with exciting news and announcements. The conference, which took place from April 18th-20th at The Venetian Resort, brought together customers, partners, and experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations in ITSM, work management, DevOps, and agile.

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the announcement of Atlassian Intelligence (AI). Atlassian is adding large language models to their products, which they are calling “Atlassian Intelligence,” and it is set to be an extra teammate for your team. This new AI agent will help with tasks like summarizing progress on a Jira issue, helping you come up with ideas and writing, defining the unique language of your organization, and even writing complex queries in Atlassian Analytics. Atlassian demonstrated the power of this AI by asking it to help change the tone of a response to something more empathetic, and it was a hit with attendees.


Another major announcement was the launch of Jira Product Discovery, which is now generally available. This announcement means that JPD is no longer considered “in beta” and takes its place among the other Jira Versions. Atlassian also announced “Atlassian Together,” a one-price solution that includes many of their most popular cloud apps. This solution starts from 11 USD for the 5000+ user tier only, and the price increases gradually below that. For the first 1000 users, it’ll be 15.20 USD.


Atlassian also made significant improvements to Confluence collaboration program by tapping into OpenAI’s expertise to make it smarter. Workers can now click on terms they don’t understand in documents and find automatically generated explanations and links to relevant documents. They can also type in questions and receive automated answers based on information stored in documents. Little-but-mighty Confluence Improvements.

Confluence Whiteboards was another exciting announcement from the event. This new feature does everything you’d expect, including “stickies, shapes, lines, stamps, timers, and more.” However, one of the more powerful integrations they showed off for their whiteboard solutions was being able to turn a sticky note into a task in Jira. And since Confluence (and therefore its whiteboard) is so deeply integrated into Jira, you can directly import your Jira tasks into the board to have them reflect the status of the underlying Jira issue in real-time.


Lastly, Atlassian announced that they are working with a third-party agency to help them become fully FedRAMP compliant. This means certain U.S. Government agencies and contractors will then be able to use Atlassian Cloud tools. This is especially timely since many customers are concerned about the impending Server EOL, and the target date for this is currently set for November 2023.

The event was also marked by some exciting news about Atlassian leadership. Anu Bharadwaj was promoted to President at Atlassian, and this was a significant achievement for her, and the company congratulated her for the same. James Cameron also made an appearance as a guest speaker at the event, and his talk was well-received.

Atlassian Elevates Anutthara Bharadwaj As President

In conclusion, Atlassian’s Team23 Summit was an exciting event that brought together experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations in ITSM, work management, DevOps, and agile. The event was marked by several significant announcements, including the launch of Atlassian Intelligence (AI), Jira Product Discovery, Confluence Whiteboards, and more. With these new features and improvements, Atlassian is continuing to provide customers with the tools they need to succeed and unleash the potential in every team.


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