Unleashing the Secrets to Reduce Your Atlassian License Costs: Tips and Tricks from Atlassian Platinum Partner PractiProject

Unleashing the Secrets to Reduce Your Atlassian License Costs

As SaaS pricing continues to increase due to economic and geopolitical reasons, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to keep up with the costs of Atlassian licenses. However, there are ways to optimize your Atlassian license costs without sacrificing functionality or performance.

At Practiproject, an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we’ve helped numerous companies achieve cost savings of 10-30% on their Atlassian licenses by implementing the following strategies. Here are some insider tips and tricks that we’ve developed over the years:

1. Control Overspending and Software Waste
By reviewing your Atlassian users, apps, and processes, you can identify areas of overspending and software waste. We recommend conducting a thorough audit of your Atlassian instance to determine which users are actively using the system and which ones are not. Inactive users can be removed or downgraded to a lower user tier to reduce license costs.

You can also review the apps installed on your Atlassian instance to identify which ones are no longer needed. Removing unnecessary apps can reduce the overall cost of your Atlassian licenses.

Finally, reviewing your Atlassian processes can help identify inefficiencies that are contributing to higher license costs. By streamlining your processes and using the Atlassian tools more effectively, you can reduce the overall cost of your licenses.

2. Acquire Non-Profit Discounts
Atlassian offers non-profit discounts that can provide 50-100% off the price of their licenses. If your organization qualifies for non-profit status, you can take advantage of these discounts to reduce your Atlassian license costs significantly.

3. React Proactively to Atlassian Updates
Atlassian updates its products regularly, and some updates can result in higher license costs. By staying informed about Atlassian updates and planning for them proactively, you can minimize the impact on your license costs. For example, if a new update requires additional user licenses, you can plan for this and adjust your license usage accordingly to avoid unexpected costs.

4. Consider Annual vs. Monthly Plans
Atlassian offers both annual and monthly plans, and it’s essential to determine which one makes more sense for your organization economically. When comparing annual and monthly plans, you need to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for each option, which includes not only the license costs but also any additional costs such as maintenance and support fees, hardware costs, and implementation costs.

Analyzing user tiers is also critical when considering the cost of Atlassian licenses. Atlassian calculates user tiers differently for each plan, so you need to determine how many users fall into each tier to understand the license costs for each plan.

Flexibility in user tier changes can also result in cost savings, particularly for organizations with a fluctuating number of users. Monthly plans offer more flexibility in this regard, as users can be added or removed on a monthly basis.

It’s essential to consider cash flow and budgeting when deciding between annual and monthly plans. Monthly plans require smaller upfront costs and allow for more predictable monthly payments, while annual plans require larger upfront costs but may offer cost savings in the long run.


In conclusion, reducing Atlassian license costs is possible by controlling overspending and software waste, acquiring non-profit discounts, reacting proactively to Atlassian updates, considering annual vs. monthly plans, and taking advantage of free license management and optimization. At Practiproject, we’ve helped numerous organizations achieve significant cost savings on their Atlassian licenses, and our experts can provide tailored recommendations to help your organization do the same.  As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, PractiProject has the expertise and experience to help companies achieve these savings and optimize their Atlassian usage. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reduce your Atlassian license costs and improve your Atlassian usage.

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