Asana Pricing plans Explained: How to choose the right plan for Asana?

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Simply put, there are four plans in Asana. The freemium version is called Basic and there are three paid options: Premium, Business and Enterprise. All of the plans have prices based on the number of users.

Here is a quick overview of the plans:

  Basic Premium Business
Cost Free US$10.99 $24.99
Team size Up to 15 team members Buy in seats of 5 up to 30; after 30 users buy in seats of 10 Buy in seats of 5 up to 30; after 30 users buy in seats of 10
Task and project management Basic task management, e.g., assign tasks and status updates Project management features like task dependencies Real-time project updates with Portfolios
Team management Share tasks with users Admin controls and console Control who can edit custom fields with data control


Asana Premium features

With Asana Premium you’ll get all of the following features in addition to what’s already included in Asana Basic.

Project management made easy

  • Forms—Capture the right details every time for any project brief or request. Forms are directly connected to projects, so once submitted, you can track them all in one place.
  • Custom fields—Create drop-down, number, or text custom fields in projects and Portfolios to capture information uniformly, track the status, and to sort and filter information (like spreadsheet columns.) You can also get notifications when custom fields are changed.
  • Task dependencies—Mark a task as waiting on another to help keep complex projects on track and ensure the right work is getting done at the right time.
  • Start dates—Start dates show when you should begin your work to hit your deadlines without the last-minute scramble.
  • Rules—Add rules to automate manual processes like assigning tasks, updating Asana fields, and more.
  • Timeline—A Gantt-style view of how each piece of your project fits together that helps you start projects on the right foot and hit your deadlines.
  • Asana-created templates—Use our pre-made templates to quickly add new workflows to Asana, based on our best practices. You can further customize the templates to match your workflow as needed.
  • Custom templates—Standardize common workflows by creating custom project templates that anyone can use.

Reporting and progress insights

  • Milestones—Make project goals clear and keep your team motivated by setting task milestones as key markers of progress.
  • Status updates—Craft a status update in seconds to share with relevant stakeholders. You can also save update templates and utilize graphs from Dashboard to populate updates.
  • Dashboard—Provides custom real-time charts to help you understand where work may be blocked or off-track, with the ability to export charts to PNG.*
  • Saved advanced searches—Save searches based on specific criteria to help you find work again, or make assessments based on your search criteria.


Asana Business features

In addition to all Asana Premium features, here’s what you get with an Asana Business plan:

  • Goals—Set, track, and manage company goals while connecting it to work to achieve it for a single source of truth for leads, executives, and individuals.
  • Portfolios—Organize strategic initiatives into Portfolios to monitor the status, timelines, and teammate workloads across projects.
  • Workload—Asana’s resource management feature provides a single view of team bandwidth and helps you make informed staffing decisions and rebalance workloads if needed.
  • Proofing—Give clear feedback by leaving comments directly on images or PDFs that turn into tasks for easy tracking.
  • Approvals—Request and give approvals on work in Asana.
  • Rules—Add rules to automate manual processes like triaging, assigning tasks, updating Asana fields, and more. Business customers can create custom rules, use conditional logic, and have access to more preset rule options.
  • Data control—Control who can edit custom field values across all projects, so you can track all information consistently within your organization.
  • Salesforce integration—Drive better collaboration throughout your sales cycles by tracking follow-up work, automatically creating projects when customers reach key opportunity stages, and more.

For more information, or for Licenses purchasing see our Asana page.