Atlassian cloud Team Central (Beta) is here

Team Central screenshot

Atlassian just released its new Jira cloud feature – Team Central (Coming in March 2021).

This is a central communication place for all your project information content. It give everyone access to real-time progress, potential problems, and priorities, in a digestible feed they’ll actually read.

Contact us if you want us to assist you setting it up ([email protected])

On the main tab (updates) you can see the status of the projects you are following, so you can track them, see collective information gathered for these projects, etc.

Project Owners can now set a weekly statuses, and everyone can track and share the overall project status. In Todays Working-From-Home situation, such tools are important, and makes the difference between engaged teams to “non of my business” teams.

product screenshot


The main capabilities using Team Central:

Project history – Remember what happened last week, and the week before…

Followers – Tell writers who’s reading their updates

Target date – Avoid unrealistic deadlines in favor of understanding a team’s confidence level

Team – See who, not just how many, are working on each project

Goals – Highlight the outcomes each project is driving towards

Linked projects – Make managing dependencies top-of-mind for every project owner

Automated reminders – Remind project owners to share and stakeholders to react without lifting a finger

Embed media – Woo your readers with video updates, presentations, and easy media uploads

Org-wide format – Align all teams on the same foundational project questions


This is a long missing functionality that many organizations were long looking for.