Changing Your CRM from SALESFORCE to JIRA

We recently helped customers to migrate from Salesforce to Jira. Their Salesforce CRM system was mainly used to manage the per-hour projects services for their customers. The process includes setting up a CRM setting within Jira, Data migration process, and a phase-over production migration.
There are many reasons why customers are moving from Sales-Force to Jira implementation:

Cost Reduction
The typical cost of a popular CRM solution ranges from about $50/user/month for a very basic set of features to more than $200/month/user.  For many mid-size organizations, the cost can get to about $200,000 per year.
Jira based solution with all its licenses, customization and migration process, will probably cost about 25% of your other CRM solution on the first year and only about 10% for the years ahead.

Better collaboration
Linking the customers contracts with the actual work processed in the relevant Jira projects, creates a one system to manage the customers work budget with the actual work done.
Monthly reports are easily produced and relevant budget warnings and notifications can easily set.
Connecting work done, customers request (service desk) and Project budget (CRM) modules together will create a seamless process using one tool.

Jira is ideal tool to replace certain type of CRM needs, mainly in the project budget setting and tracking of customers.

We made many SalesForce related projects, from Jira – Saleforce synchronizations, Implementing CRM functionality in Jira and others. We can assist you with creating a CRM solution on your Jira or a hybrid solution for your existing CRM and your Jira data.

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