Confluence pages the New Age “documents”

In Confluence, you create with pages. Think of pages as a New Age " document." If Word docs were
rotary phones, Confluence pages would be smartphones. A smartphone still makes calls (like their
rotary counterparts), but it can do so much more than that.
Confluence pages can be filled with text, tables, and formatted—just like the documents you`ve always
used. But thats where the similarities stop. Confluence pages aren files stored locally on your hard
drive, like a Word doc. In fact, a Word doc can go inside a Confluence page, along with your project
plans, product requirements, documentation, meeting notes, images, video—everything. You can attach
spreadsheets and PDFs, and even create automated reports.
Best of all, everything you create lives online. That means it's accessible (if you want it to be) to the
people who are in your Confluence site. You no longer have to create a document in one place and
share it in another. No more content siloed on your hard drive and shared by attaching a file to an email.
(How the 1990s!)
In a Confluence page, you can create, collect, and access all your content in one place.