JIRA Portfolio

So, what does JIRA Portfolio do? Portfolio gives great visibility across the entire team.
Business owners can now answer the question of “How much investment have we made
in each of the strategic themes? How much was originally planned?” and work with
development teams to tweak if required
Business owners can start by defining high level strategic themes for the business and
create a number of business initiatives to make progress in each theme. Teams can then
create their development plan with epics and stories linked to each of the initiatives. This
work can be distributed across teams and projects. This gives business owners a great
place to start from and lets development teams build their plans in conjunction with the
business plan.
As part of regular planning, dev managers can distribute work to different teams based
on skills, suitability, availability etc. Dev managers can also create release schedules and
define milestones with planned work for each release and Portfolio comes up with a
release plan to start with, based on all the conditions defined by dev managers.
Troubleshooting what is going wrong with a plan can be hard. Portfolio helps you
visualize what the bottlenecks in a plan are and you can then try multiple ways to solve
that problem – what if we bring in another team member to help, what can we reprioritize,
what are risky dependencies we might want to manage now? Let’s try the oldest trick in
the book and add a newbie to a team that is running at a risk of slipping a release
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