Implementing Automated Testing with Jira

We were requested (and implemented) from several customers in the last year to explain and implement an Automated Tests framework in conjunction with Jira as a Test managment system.
Since Test Automation frameworks are very different between different customers, we had to adjust the solutions to the customers needs.

What would you initially need for implementing such a solution.
A. an understanding of your Automated Tests needs, results types and what would you do with the results.
B. Test Managment system App on your Jira that supports your needs (as described in point A)

After we have analysed your needs and described them, we will need to generally develop the following steps:

1) Reverse engineer your current Automated Tests into test cases and enter them into the tests managment system.

2) build a test template, with your new test cases. This will be updated and groomed as the Automated Tests that you develop evolves.

3) Create an exception instance of the test as you perform your automated test (either by performing it manually for the test, or by activating it automatically – periodically . e.g every night, sprint end, etc.)

4)Run your Automated Test and link the test results into your Jira Test managment system.

5) The Automated Tests can result by opening an automatic defect if a tests fails, with relevant information attached and link rot the failed step in the test.

6)Based on the results, you can go through the different steps and analyse the results (including the log files attached)