Following up on Atlassian Premium – July 2021


Whats new with Atlassian Premium

Atlassian Premium is designed to help users scale the way they prefer. It provides a stronger foundation on which to grow and aids in administering Atlassian Software at scale with an advanced toolkit. Atlassian Premium improves visibility across all work going on in an instance.

Atlassian Premium comes with a 99.9% uptime SLA, unlimited storage, 24/7 Premium Support, release tracks, and IP allowlisting.



Team Calendars allow teams to share schedules to keep them organized and make planning easy.

Admin insights and analytics provide more visibility into security, usage, activity, and content trends over time

Advanced admin controls like admin key, inspect permissions, and copy space permissions help you address access issues fast and keep documentation at your team’s fingertips

Bulk archive lets you file away outdated pages so you can keep info up-to-date and reliable

External collaboration lets you add your extended team to particular spaces so everyone has access to the same resources. COMING SOON

Copy space permissions: Admins eliminate the possibility of making mistakes and save time when creating new spaces or cloning permissions from an existing space.



Advanced Roadmaps – dependency management – You can now create a visual link by clicking and dragging between two issues directly from the timeline view. Simply toggle to change how you view dependencies on your timeline and whether or not to show the number of dependent issues.

Plan smarter with future sprints – Get better visibility with future sprints in Advanced Roadmaps. This extra layer of context means you can easily see and manage the connection between epics and sprints during planning.

Updates to sandbox – If you haven’t started using sandbox in Jira Software Premium yet, now is the time! Sandbox is an isolated environment where you can test and experiment before making changes to production. Since its release, we’ve been busy making improvements. Now you can create a carbon copy of your instance, instead of a dummy page so you have complete visibility over how changes will look. Keep an eye out for further improvements coming soon.