Get Atlassian Premium Professional Services


As Atlassian toolset is getting to be a standard de factor in many organizations, and as it seems that the number of users within your organization is on the grow – a new scale method is needed to support all your Atlassian needs.

It is unrealistic that your Jira admin can control all aspects of the Atlassian suite, getting all the new features, addons and best practices used by many other companies. Without having top of the nutch knowledge – your Jira and confluence will not be able to be used with their full capabilities, and soon you will be lagging with an old system with no real ongoing value.

The answer is to get Professional Service from an international company, based in America, Europe and in Israel, that have a huge experience with customising the system to the customer needs (and not the other way 😉 ).

We can:

  • Improve your Jira work experience with customisations and new plugins
  • Create a Data Center environment to get you to enterprise grade environment
  • Move your Server instance to the cloud with all your settings, with minimum downtime
  • And much more

We got the knowledge and best practices to set your system right.  Contact us for any implementation questions.

[email protected]