The Spotify Model MeetUp  06-Feb-2020 17:30


@ Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv

In a few years Spotify has grown from a small startup in Sweden to a pretty big company with more than 4,000 employees in four different development offices on two different continents. Such rapid growth carries big challenges. How do they continue to improve their product at great speed, while growing the numbers of users, employees and supported platforms and devices? How do they stay agile when they grow from a small startup to a big corporation?In this meetup we will present how Spotify is addressing these challenges. We will talk about autonomous squads, tribes, keeping the squad effective, and a lot of other ideas we’re experimenting with.
Come and see why thousands of organisations chose the spotify model as their scaling agile methodology.Hilli Balzer the CEO of PractiProject and Dvir Zohar the CEO of SIMPLE are helping organisations to SPEED HACK the development process using advanced agile methods and implementing process management tools (such as Jira).
Both are active participant in, conferences, networks and user groups in the Agile and Lean communities.

Our assimilation teams help organizations improve through teaching, coaching and mentoring at individual, team and organizational levels, often using Agile and Lean thinking and methods such as Scrum and Kanban.

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