Some popular Tips & Tricks while adopting agile across the organization


עוגןSome popular practices (often ‘simple and easy’), but as always you should adjust the right agile methodology to feet your needs:
1. In many organisations Agile = scrum
2. Sprint length must be the same (1-2 weeks) across all teams
3. Using addons like Sprint Capacity for planning & tracking projects is more than half the job done.
4. Use User Story format for requirements, and story points for estimation. If team finds it confusing, set 1 story point to represent 1 day.
5. Sprint backlog is team’s commitment. They must finish it all.
6. One developer per user story
7. Daily standup must finish within 15 min, using standard 3 Q’s. The shorter the meeting, the better it is.
8. If there are unfinished stories at the end of Sprint, close them, take partial or full credit, and create a new story for pending work.

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