How Generative AI Can Influence Work Management Systems and the Way People Work with Them

How Generative AI Can Influence Work Management Systems

In the era of digital transformation, generative AI is emerging as a game-changing technology with the potential to revolutionize various industries, including work management systems. Platforms like Jira, Monday, and Asana are integrating AI to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation. This article explores how generative AI can transform work management systems and the way people interact with them.

By Hilli Balzer, PractiProject CEO.

Analyze Data and Suggest Actions

Generative AI’s ability to analyze vast amounts of data in real time is transforming how organizations approach problem-solving. By providing insights and suggesting actions, AI integration reduces the total time spent per ticket and enhances decision-making.

Consider a customer support system that handles thousands of tickets daily. Generative AI can analyze customer queries, previous interactions, and other relevant data to suggest immediate actions. For instance, if a customer is facing a common issue, AI can recommend a proven solution, reducing the time spent per ticket.

By embedding generative AI into software, organizations can double the impact on productivity. Real-time analysis enables quicker decision-making and streamlined workflows, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction [McKinsey, 2023].

Remove the Long Memory and Experience Factor Out of the Human Operator

In traditional ticket management, human operators rely on in-house experience, making it challenging to replace them. Generative AI overcomes this barrier by supplying the operator with all the relevant knowledge and information to handle the ticket.

Imagine a company using an AI-powered knowledge base that stores and retrieves information from years of organizational experience. When a new operator handles a ticket, the AI provides insights, historical data, and best practices, enabling the operator to resolve the issue as efficiently as a seasoned employee.

This approach reduces human resource costs and enhances the quality of ticket handling. It democratizes knowledge within the organization, ensuring that every operator has access to the same level of expertise, regardless of their individual experience level.

Focus on Actions, Less Research

Generative AI’s ability to analyze root causes and suggest solutions drives organizations to be more operation-oriented. By focusing on actions rather than research and analysis, AI integration reduces work time on tickets and leads to more effective problem-solving.

In IT management, identifying the root cause of an issue can be time-consuming. Generative AI can analyze logs, previous incidents, and related data to pinpoint the root cause and suggest the right way to resolve it. This approach reduces the need for extensive research and enables quicker resolution.

This focus on action over research fosters a culture of efficiency and effectiveness. It encourages teams to work towards solutions rather than getting bogged down in analysis, leading to quicker resolutions and higher customer satisfaction [Harvard Business Review, 2023].

Generative AI’s Impact on Productivity: A report by McKinsey on June 14, 2023, highlighted that AI has the potential to reduce the time spent handling an issue by 9 percent.


Generative AI’s influence on work management systems is profound and multifaceted. By enabling real-time analysis, removing the dependency on human experience, and focusing on action-oriented solutions, AI integration is reshaping the way organizations operate and people work with management systems.

The examples and insights provided in this article demonstrate the transformative potential of generative AI. As technology continues to evolve, its impact on work management systems and organizational culture is likely to grow, offering new opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

Arthur C. Clarke’s visionary thoughts on technology resonate with the transformation we are witnessing today in work management systems. His belief that ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ echoes the revolutionary impact of generative AI in our field. At Practiproject, we are embracing this advanced technology, integrating generative AI solutions with work management systems like Jira, Monday, and Asana, to create what might have seemed like ‘magic’ in Clarke’s time. This integration is not only reducing IT ticket handling time and cutting HR costs but also paving the way for the future of efficient work management.

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