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Practiproject newsAs a valued customer we want to keep in touch with you, give you Jira related news, introduce new ways to optimize your work, and offer our services

In this newsletter we will discuss:

  • A breakfast with Atlassian – discussing few of the issues Atlassian will be focusing this year.
  • What are the main features in latest releases
  • Atlassian user summit is comming
  • Why to let PractiProject handle your licenses needs
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PractiProject is biggest service provider in Israel.

We have now 3 branches (Israel, Germany and USA) focusing on professional services building up your perfect Jira / Confluence projects.
We are the biggest service provider in number of customers and Atlassian licenses sales in Israel.
We strive to give you the best knowhow, service, support and solution, utilizing Atlassian Jira, Confluence and BitBucket capabilities to the maximum, so you can optimise your work, and letting the system work for you.

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BreakFast with Atlassian 

Hilli Balzer (PractiProject CEO) had a breakfast meeting with Vlad cavalcanti (Atlassian) discussing few of the issues Atlassian will be focusing this year.

Hilli: How professional services work, such as PractiProject type of work, assists Atlassian to maximize the usefulness of their product for the customers.

Vlad: The power of Atlassian is that they are flexible and open and offer a huge range of capabilities and possibilities with a sound and strong professional service such as PractiProject help customer to make the choice the will positively impact their business, helps Atlassian consolidate their solution within our customer base

Hilli: How do you see the main difference between a solution Partner and a reseller in respect to customer value

Vlad: Our solution partners are in-fact the truest advisers to our customers, unlike just license resellers the Atlassian solution partners give full solution to the customer from consultancy to integration implementation training and anything the customer may need to benefit the Atlassian products

Hilli: Can you explain what stands beyond Atlassian TEAM theme, and how would that impact its strategy

Vlad: We at Atlassian truly believe that teams are responsible for the greatest achievements in human kind, our missions to unleash the potential of every team, not only IT teams but also HR marketing legal in companies in all sizes. What we are bringing in the near future are more solutions to teams, that will allow teams in all sizes in every industry to be more productive and more innovative.

Hilli: Can you describe how the Israeli market is different from other markets (type of products, growth, etc)

Vlad: The Israeli market is very dynamic and by nature here you are at the top of the wave of innovation, as we mentioned before our solution play an important part on team innovations, and therefore we see a lot of acceptance to adopt our product in the Israeli market. The main products are Jira and Confluence but more and more we see products like Trello getting more and more tension. Israel is one of the leading markets in the EMEA in respect of growth.

Hilli: What is the value of getting all your Atlassian needs from a Partner

Vlad: You get all your needs from a trusted adviser , a one stop shop, that is certified by Atlassian, in your local language and currency.

Hilli: How Atlassian look at the marketplace concept, is it an extension to the products capabilities and features, or a nice to have thing

Vlad: The marketplace eco system scales out Atlassian product capabilities by adding wide range of extensions to our products and features, therefor it is a critical platform for both Atlassian and their customer to benefit from.

Hilli: In the last Atlassian summit, PractiProject was participating in the summit presenting with Atlassian President how to create solution-based project. Now as a Gold Solution Partner and As a Marketplace Vendor, PractiProject will continue and attend the Atlassian Summit this year as well. Why would you encourage customers to come to the summit (beside meeting PractiProject in person  )

Vlad: Summit is Atlassian’s most important event, during summit we announce new versions, new features and new products. Moreover, there are lots of sessions on best practices and new solutions, you will also meet Atlassian product managers, experts and solution partners from all over the world.

Jira 7.X is here.

Jira 7.x versions series are rolling, 7.10 was just launched, and it is a good time to move forward and get all the new goodies to your environment.
End Of Life notification: Jira 7.2 EOL Date: Aug 23, 2018. Be prepared and update frequently.
In these last releases, the top features include:

Find your work faster (version 7.8)

With an improved quick search, searching through all your issues and projects will be nothing else but a breeze. Whether you know the full issue key, part of the issue name, or just have a distant memory of a project from a year ago, start typing the words, and we’ll do the rest for you. The quick search instantly shows the most relevant results, and refreshes them whenever you change your search term.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (version 7.9)

We’re welcoming another supported database to our family—Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Kanban boards just got faster (version 7.9)

Is your team so productive, their ‘Done’ column is always overflowing? Too many issues on a board can slow it down and make you scroll way too much. To fix this, we’re bringing what we’ve codenamed “Fast Kanban”—a way to keep your board fresh and clean, and as quick as a flash.

Jira gets a fresh, new look (version 7.10)

We’re bringing the first wave of changes to the look and feel in Jira. In this release, we’re updating the most frequently used pages, together with colors, typography, and icons.

Performance improvements (version 7.10)

Together with the awesome new features, Jira 7.10 brings performance improvements for the most common actions. Be it creating an issue (9%) or adding a comment (16%), it’ll speed up your work and make moving around Jira more enjoyable. Apart from these two, we’ve also observed improvements when viewing boards (14%), editing issues (7%), and viewing the project summary (16%).

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What is Atlassian Summit?

Summit is our annual user conference and biggest global event of the year.


Learn with Atlassian – Lay the foundation for success and sharpen your product skills with training courses.
Be inspired – Hear how action leaders build strong, focused, and collaborative teams at all levels.
Team Up – Meet different teams and discover how they use the same products you do.
If you want to join Atlassian Summit- call us and we will see if we can set some price discount just for you.

Why letting us handle your licenses needs

Let us take over the pain of administration for you in managing your Jira Licenses. As Atlassian Experts, we’ll handle all licensing queries with Atlassian for you, making it that much easier to go about your business and creating cost efficiency for you.

The benefits you get from us handling your Jira Licensing Management include:

  • Account management – saving you the effort and headaches – having dedicated local support personal to assists with all your needs
  • Sending you local invoice with no need to use your credit card obligo
  • We manage and assist you with all Jira licensing queries with Atlassian
  • Giving a year estimated budget for you Atlassian products and addons – so you can set your budget right
  • Making advance notice regarding maintenance purchase