The Spotify model – In Practice


If you haven’t heard yet, Spotify is one of the most successful companies in the world. It grew over ten years to 4,000 employees and is now worth $ 27 billion, with employee sales of $ 1.5 million (more than Google, Facebook, Microsoft and much more than any Israeli company).
Behind Spotify success is a unique management model that succeed to maintain a start-up atmosphere in a company of thousands of employees.
A work methodology that hundreds of companies around the world are implementing its principles, ranging from huge companies that set a transformation model, to thousands of startups that build their company work process, in advance, in a way that will enable rapid growth.

In the workshop we will explain in depth about the model, and will also present examples about ways to apply this model in real life, including:
– How Spotify produces a high ENGAGEMENT of employees
– How it builds effective teams (SQUADS)
– The way it manages to create interconnectivity between all the SQUADS
– What are the: Chapter leader, Agile Coach, POCLAC
– Think it, Build it, Ship it, Tweak it concept
– Ways to push innovation and knowledge transfer
– Examples from a large organization and start-up that applied the principles of the model
– And a blueprint for implementation

The workshop will be on June 11,12 @Tel-Aviv, Israel
We would be happy to give more details