What’s new with Jira 8.0?


Released by Atlassian, Jira Software 8.0 showcases a number of exciting evolutions in user experience, scalability and performance. Here are some of the highlights:


  • UI improvements in Scrum and Kanban boards – finding the right information is easier than ever with cleaner views that place crucial information directly in front of users.


  • More streamlined email settings – cut down on inbox clutter with the ability to bundle emails and send them at smart intervals. This enables users to focus on the content of their emails, not the quantity sitting in their queue.


  • Goodbye to linked pages count – Jira has dropped the count of pages linked to epics and sprints. This is great news in terms of platform responsiveness and resource savings.


  • Enhanced JQL – Jira’s search language will now have two brand new JQL commands (previously only supported by 3rd party add-on) :
    • Updated by ( updatedBy ) – Find tickets that have been updated by an author. Extra parameters can be added to specify a timeframe.
    • Issue link type ( issueLinkType ) – Let’s you search by link type. With this new JQL command it will be possible to add colors to your issue cards. Might be useful for identifying Issues that block your current sprint for example.


  • Using sprints when your backlog isn’t sorted by rank – Jira 8 allows you to simply right click and add issues into your sprint, even when your board isn’t sorted by rank.


  • Batch Email Notifications – This feature will allow you to batch events and receive email updates in a single email.  This is a big improvement as currently it’s very easy to get overloaded as you wade through all the separate email notifications that are sent for every individual issue update.


  • Performance – Atlassian has unleashed the fastest release of the platform yet. When directly compared to Jira 7.13 processing speeds at two million issues, the numbers speak for themselves. Atlassian state (based on their tests) that;
    • Re-indexing will be quicker – 71% faster
    • Indexes will be smaller – shrunk by 48%
    • Viewing boards: 62% faster (Data Center: 60%)
    • Viewing backlogs: 87% faster (Data Center: 87%)
    • Searching with JQL: 33% faster (Data Center: 31%)
    • Browsing boards: 16% faster (Data Center: 22%)


  • Jira Server Mobile App –  A native mobile app for Jira Server has been a long time requested feature amongst the Atlassian community.  There has been a mobile version for Jira Cloud for several years and now users of Server & Data Center can access their instances via a mobile app. Although Jira has always worked pretty well on mobile devices a dedicated mobile app will enhance the user experience. The app is currently beta and available on Google Play and the App Store.

Upgrading Your JIRA

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